Want to hear an album written from the perspective of space?

Vangelis just released his new album, Rosetta, last month and this is what space would sound like if somebody wrote a soundtrack to the intrepid beauty of it all.

The album is reminiscent of 80s synth, a la Contact, with plenty of little chimes and echoey alien noises. This is one album you need to listen to all the way through to fully grasp the thrall of the emotional roller coaster that would ensue if one were to decide to actually accept the one-way ticket to Mars.

My guess is, the journey would be scary, dreadfully exciting, and leave you in awe when you first set foot upon the soil of another planet.

Of course, there is no sound in space, due to the lack of molecules for sound vibrations to hinge upon and bounce back to our ears, but let’s just forget about the logic of science for an hour and close our eyes to imagine an infinite amount of possibilities afforded by the great dark blue abyss.

The new Vangelis album, Rosetta, is an achingly beautiful yet terrifying space journey for your ear holes. Listen to the entire album on YouTube or purchase it on iTunes.


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