The cult of Summoners War

Ag! It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog that I momentarily forgot how to add a photo in here… That’s how much I’ve been playing this game. Summoners War.

This is what the weekends have become for me. And nights. And my lunch break. I also play while I’m getting ready in the morning. It’s not a habit. It’s cool. I feel alive.

It’s all right because my husband plays too, ok? That makes it fine. Right?

In short, Summoners War is a mobile game to rule all mobile games. Com2uS has a gem, here. It’s a lot of tapping, to be sure, just like every other mobile game on the market. Aside from Pocket Rogues or Sword of Mana, of course.

It’s not Candy Crush, let me make that clear. It’s a strategy game, replete with an exhaustive in-game rewards system, cutesy anime stripper animations, and runes. We can’t forget the runes. 

If you’re into math, numbers, and percentages and using these things to best your enemies in PvP, then you’re in luck. This game’s probably for you. It’s for everyone, really. All ages. Also, the monsters are just too damn cute. Seriously.

But seriously. It’s very serious.

My guild leader just chewed us out for not participating in yesterday’s guild battle. My bad! I’m still early game, so take a chill pill. To be fair, I told her I wanted to fight, so. Again. My bad!

I won’t tarry about too long, so I’ll just give you the finer points. It all comes down to two things, and when balanced well, mixing a bit of instant gratification with the grinding that comes from farming, this game will keep you hooked. Indefinitely.



Oh, the grind. The grind the grind. If you’ve ever played Final Fantasy XI or XIV or any MMO, really, you know this word. You know it well. Almost as well as you know that silly little tune from The Dark Tower. I do not farm with my hand. He who farms with the hand has forgotten the face of his father… Clearly, I’ve had too much coffee to continue writing this post… and just look at me go!

Summoners War is 90% rune farming. To be frank, your monsters are only as good as your runes. The above video explains a lot; this guy helped me actually understand how to rune and now my Ran is beastly.


There are videos on speed-building your mobs, too, but it kinda comes as a given. If you’re farming Giants or even just Mt. White  for some swift runes, you’re bound to get 1K XP each run. Giants is probably your better option because you can get x7 unknown scrolls and also the occasional 3* rainbowmon’ll pop. Then you feed 3 garbage 3*s to the max lvl 3* rainbowmon and poof! You have a garbage 4*. Now, you just have to farm 4 more garbage 4 stars. Then 5 5-stars. Yippee! It takes time, kids. But, listen to me? Trying to teach. Puff. That’s what YouTube is for. This is solely a promo article because hey, I’ve been playing this thing for almost a year, Keith says, and I just got my second 6 star. Ahem.

Instant gratification


You know you’ve got an itch to scratch. Ever play pull tabs? Open up a can of Pringles? Once you pop you can’t stop.

Jokes aside (not really) this is a gambling game. You spend your precious mana to upgrade your runes and for what? You might not even get that SPD+ sub attribute you’ve been praying for. It’s all a gamble. But, if you don’t try, you’re certainly never going to get anything, then, will you?

In short, Com2uS has a gem, here. They’ve nailed the instant gratification aspect.

Advent Rewards

This is another main draw to the game. Every other week or so, an event will come out, goading you into playing the game as much as is humanly possible. Hence the morning farming routine. And the lunchtime farming routine. And so on, until you’ve completely depleted your energy and crystal resources. That’s when you might want to reconsider your strategy. Should you re-rune your main squeeze? Maybe you can spend some time selling runes or wood or mythril, etc.

I’m digressing. Man, really need to work on this focus thing. That reminds me… think my Gally could use better focus runes…

But back to the advent! Every day, if you log in consecutively, you receive a reward. Could be 10k mana, maybe 30 energy. Once a month you’ll receive 50 summoning stones, those coveted little morsels you’re chomping at the bit to get, beit from advent or ToA, et cetera. Everyone wants these stones because they give you a chance to roll the dice and try to pull that legendary monster you’ve been vying for for the past year.

The events, though. They’re usually pretty good. The one going on now is hit or miss, in my opinion. You’re mostly rune farming for this, you get points depending on the grade of the runes you pull, then you trade those in to spin the “slot” for a chance to win energy or summoning stones, and more. It’s a glorified wishing well, that’s what someone in the chat room said yesterday in response to my gripings. And there already is a wishing well which utilizes the same system of probability.

That’s fun, I guess?

Well, I need to go brush my teeth, so I’ll just leave you with this. The game is addicting. Just about as soul-crushing as FFXI when I was farming silk threads 24/7 back in high school. That was my summer between 10th and 11th grade. Farming silk threads. And AF gear. But who cares about that now? You need an insane rig nowadays to run FFXIV and I wouldn’t dream of putting that much money, time, or effort into a thing right now… not while I’m working on attaining the almighty Ifrit

And Summoners War is on your phone. It’s like Final Fantasy. For your phone. Feels like the good old days when you’d play Echo the Dolphin until your calluses bled, just so you could figure out the perfect strategy to beat the time trial. Again. And again. *Sigh*.

The good old days… at least now, with Summoners War, we can get our fix anywhere wifi’s available.

In case you were curious…

Here are my mobs as they were at around 11 a.m. this morning:

I just got my second 6-star Friday before work, and I’m pleased as punch about it. Chasun is a goddess. A healer to rival my army of awakened Howls. Those howls are what drew me into the game in the first place, those durn cute little ghosties with their hands hiding their face. I thought they came together to form a little beard when I first saw him and that was cute. Then I saw his animation and fell in love all over again. Awww! Too bad they’re almost useless… Still won’t stop me from lvling the crap out of them and adding them to the World Boss lineup just so they can possibly keep my tanks and buffs alive.


Don’t download the game! Or, do. I’ll friend you. If you’re active, that is.


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