Saga 37 was well worth the wait

After all this time, three months to be exact, Saga makes a resurgence in the lives of the devout, as the wall of fire that is the Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples team brings us Sage 37. The wait was worth it.

The latest issue of Saga sees Marko and Alan’s little girl souring passed the age of 5. Hazel’s growing up in such a short period of time. She’s been through a lot, yet after being without her father for the last some-odd years, she instantly recognized him as that missing piece of her and she ran into his arms.

That was a couple of comics back.

saga-37Now, we’re all wondering, where’s Lying Cat? She’s back! She’s been with Sophie, the refugee that the Brand lifted from the slave girl colony, and now she wants to be a mercenary, just like her recently-deceased dad surrogate.

I won’t give away too many details, but I must say Fiona’s outdone herself. It’s wonder how an artist can show us a single panel amid five other works of art on the same page, yet instill such life as to lead the mind down a path of motion. Doesn’t it feel like that little rescue boat is speeding forward unto dawn? Charging towards its target? I wonder how long it takes her to conceptualize, sketch, and fill in each panel, bringing the story to life to communicate visually what’s taking place in each scene?


And we’re getting to know Petrichor a little better, now. Ancillary characters are coming out of the woodwork, and this one in particular triggers a relatable presence to a certain demographic of the Saga audience, I imagine. Not to belittle the term, but I’m sure the topical nature of this woman’s sexual endowments will hit home with quite a few individuals who may have felt left out in the broad scheme of modern literature.


Just as things are getting serious, they crash-land on the planet Phang to be greeted by adorable little meerkat people. What a way to end a book, I tell ya.


Like I said, Saga 37 was well worth the wait. And I was introduced to Dept.H during the suspension of the comic, as well, so that works out for me! Not to mention the fact that Magic the Gathering has taken over a good chunk of my time, thanks to my one and only.

I’ve said too much, already! Go pick up the latest Saga, if you haven’t already. And if you’ve never read the series, well, buying the trade paperback versions is a steal at approximately $15 bucks a pop.

Do it.


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