renewed vigor #hashtagsarenotreal

In the face of all that is raunchy and wrong with the internet today, we have one salvo, the panacea to our plight. That is Salvia Erik.

Now, that we got that out of the way, I just want to say that it has been about a month since my last post and I am coming back with renewed vigor!


I have some ideas… mostly stashed away in my Google Keep (#blog for findability… but you do know that hashtags don’t matter, right? When are we going to realize this as a nation… as a people? Can we drop it already… when you search for something… anywhere. Beit it on Twitter, Facebook, whathaveyou, you’ll find the post containing the associated search terms, regardless of whether it has a hashtag immediately preceding said word. Wait. Maybe I should write a post about that?)

Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah! So, shameless self promotion here: Fancy Clam is coming back! If you don’t follow our side project Fancy Clam on Twitter, that’s fine. Fancy Clam doesn’t do Twitter. We tried Instagram. Fail. Facebook, eh, sometimes. About as much as we (read: “I”) post on Cellar Door Press (_sellerdoar). All this tangential shit alludes to the fact that I have a thousand accounts under various “business” names and it’s necessary for my bean because I have this thing (and maybe everyone does nowadays? #theresnosuchthingasADD) where I find catharsis is supporting my multiple personalities by posting things to various mediums according to the target audience (me) and their interests (social media, tech, books, poems, comics, video editing, plants, I can go on) and the time of day your audience is online (totally random in my case… and in MOST cases, unless you’re a robot as Sprout Social suggests: LinkedIn users only go on from 5 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday so you should post DURING THOSE TIMES if you want to persuade people to attend your annual conference…) It’s all hullabaloo anyway. You’ll look at stuff when you look at stuff. Eh.

Oh, yeah. Fancy Clam! We’re coming back. Like I said in one of my previous self-righteous personal goal posts, I want to work from home one day. And maybe this post will harm my chances of achieving this dream, but we’re going to try anyway. We have two potential clients! And update: Keith’s making progress on his guitar pedals. Cool huh?

In conclusion, politics are weird. Gravity isn’t real. And the school system was put in place not to educate you, but to regulate your integration into the workforce (see: Daniel Quinn’s My Ishmael).

I’ve been gentrified! I hate that word. And we’re coming back in a big way! I’m adaptable. I’ll learn. I’ll write blogs and schedule social media posts. This is my year! Hell, every year is my year. It’s your year, too! It’s your life.

So, go ahead. Pat yourself on the back. I just did. Virtually.

I’m Shannon, by the way.



List of shameless plugs (sites and things my friends and I are somehow involved in):

Queen Mob’s Tea House
Fancy Clam
Cellar Door Press
High Fashion Wigs


P.S. Next w3rdn3rd blog should be more educational? Ie. Stuff about the total solar eclipse in August. Next Fancy Clam blog?
I’m thinkin’ FONTS!


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