Redditors play real-life Capture the Flag with Shia LeBeouf

Shia LeBeouf’s attempted art installation has been out of the press for some months now, after infiltrators began abusing the power of the 24/7 all-access livestream he posted up outside a New York museum back in January. To summarize, a gang of Redditors (/pol/) inadvertently caused Shia to lash out at an actual fan, thinking him a “troll”, one of those aforementioned gamer nerds who posted up, posing as Nazi supporters, spouting epithetical quotes from former works on Der Fuhrer himself.

Shia was arrested, the camera was cordoned off and Shia decided He Would Not Be Divided. So, what does he do? He stakes a white flag out in the middle of nowhere emblazoned with “HE WILL NOT DIVIDED” in large black text.

He pointed a camera at the flag, so everyone and their mother could watch a livestream of its waving majesty whenever they felt the need.


Let the games begin!

The Redditors were on the case! Using everything at their disposal: satellite imagery, a breadth of knowledge in trigonometry, a dash of ingenuity, and a clan of devotees willing to act as first responders on the Reddit page, their collective Metal Gear Solid skills achieved the unthinkable. They found Shia’s “hidden” flag in 38 hours.

They used more than just their trigger fingers to track this baby down. Since the flag was online, 24/7, LIVE, the crew used lighting to trace the time of day, they heard frogs in the background, so they knew it was near a body of water, and they even noticed a few planes skating by, so naturally, they figured out which planes were going where and when and bam! They discovered one of their fellow Redditors was in the area and he drove around honking his horn, playing a game of Hot and Cold wherein fans told him he was getting closer or further away upon hearing the sound of the horn.

You can’t hide a flag in the middle of little ol’ Tennessee, U.S.A. Nosiree.

The Redditors took it down, and in its place strung up the Make America Great Again hat atop a Pepe for President T-shirt. LAWL.

Of course, Shia didn’t let his stop him. Next, he decides to stick a new flag on the wall of one of his friend’s houses in England. What was he expecting? Enter the Redditors. They used all the tricks in the book, including sending one of the guys in the area to shine a flashlight in the windows of houses they suspected held the flag hostage.

3-0, Shia. Your move.

You can watch the story unfold on Internet Historian’s YouTube page, if you have a few minutes to kill. It’s hilarious.

And the hunt continues.

This just goes to show you there are more Shia haters out there than there are fans.

And what does it all mean? What is the real definition of art? Is it a game some rich ex-actor guy is playing with his dwindling fan base? Is he trying to prove a point? Is there any efficacy to running around the world, livestreaming a waving flag? What’s the point? I don’t see Trump getting impeached over an “art installation” anytime soon.

What we do know is, these Redditors like a challenge. Achievement Unlocked!

For the record, I liked his Charlie Countryman movie. And he was great in Disney’s Even Stevens series when I was a kid. He’s a good actor. Just perhaps he’s not a good person? Or, someone just has too much time on his hands… 


Featured photo via Vanity Fair.


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