piss my dick

They invite you out to celebrate the job you helped them get – a spicy evening of tequila and sauces for dipping – slightly off jokes about the waitress overhearing a racist comment – us four pulling straws out to try each others drinks – cigarettes swapping pack to pack – they call it a patio but everyone knows its just a chunk of sidewalk with a rope around it – he calls himself genz – his hands move to backwards slide the chair – he stands – a breath in to prepare and then he unleashes – imma go piss my dick – she laughs through her straw and bubbles up the sweat inducing tequilette – the huntsman scoffs and turns his head – its passed by quickly in conversation – we drunk drive to a bar that doesnt close at eleven for stonings with a girl in shorts too short and talks of authors as the two converse slowly in languages barely practiced – words of books loved and pages fingered – dollar a glass beer does not an inebriate make – the genz and the huntsman walking home as we drive past attempting to grope for their attention – days pass – i in a drunken moment of grandeur decide to make a week late retort of sorts – texting him to let him know that i just pooped my butthole


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