‘Partially produced with genetic engineering’

There are a few “hot” words hovering around the realms of social media sites lately: Content marketing, millennials, and GMOs. There are others, but you won’t find anyone talking about anything new. It’s like the internet has Alzheimer’s or something. These topics just won’t die. If you dig back through Google’s archive of popular search terms, you’ll see these words have been cropping up every few years or so. 

So, as sick as I am upon hearing people argue about Trump (old news), chem trails (really old news), and religion (really, really old news), I want to know what the big deal is about GMOs…

What are GMOs, anyhow?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. Loosely defined, this includes any organism that has been genetically altered from its “original” form.

Alfalfa is a genetically-modified organism. (PC: Skot Beaute)

According to an article by Medical Daily, people have been altering the genetic makeup of crops for thousands of years.

Sweet potatoes are actually 8,000 year old GMOs. 

– Medical Daily

So, what is the big deal, really? 

People are so afraid of consuming GMOs, that there are laws in place in over 20 states that make it mandatory to include the words, “partially produced with genetical engineering” on packaging for products with ingredients containing GMOs. 

It’s about transparency, apparently, inasmuch as manufacturers believe they’ll scare away customers if they include these words on their labels. 

Photo of the back of a can of Starbucks Doubleshot (PC: drckwd on Imgur)

It’s silly. And costly, The Guardian said. 

If we were so worried about what we’re consuming, would McDonald’s still be in business? Sure, people may boycott a certain brand of lipstick because PETA disapproves, but I heard they’re a group of hypocrites, too. *shrug* 

The point, here, is people just want something new to gripe about, except GMOs are nothing new, now, are they? 

So, next time you scroll through your Facebook feed and see half of all your friends’ posts are about GMOs, you can roll your eyes and say, “Hey, y’all a buncha bozos. Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with no GMOs.” Well, you probably wouldn’t say it quite like that. Maybe you might? I’m not judgmental. Well, maybe I am, but I’m also open-minded… 


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