Not another New Year’s Resolution post

I know what you’re thinking: “There are too many personal rants and things on this blog! Where’s the news and such?” Right?

Well, just in case you didn’t know, this blog is still my little baby and I’ll keep watering it as long as I can. That being said, you probably didn’t know that I’ve been very very busy. My husband and I started up a side business, aptly named Fancy Clam, a device contrived by none other than he himself and we’re working on that guy part-time in addition to our full-time jobs.

That being said, I still want to do a little end-of-the-year reviewing to see where I stand with my goals from last year.

One of the pivotal moments in our movie-watching journey this year. (The The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies)

Things I did do this year:

Looking at last year’s post (archived on old w3rdn3rd site), I have begun to work more, that’s a given. I’ve been drinking more water (at work/in the middle of the night). I’ve been playing the guitar a lot (as the last post stipulates, I didn’t encourage myself to learn the guitar, just play it) and I actually made up a silly one-man band type of deal using yet another title that I took from Keith–and I took his guitar, too–(please don’t listen to it, it’ll make your spleen bleed). I have been working on a novel, haven’t finished it yet, but I did publish a poetry book for three special people. I have been giving credit where credit is due. I have been singsongy with certain words, so I think the resolution to sing more holds weight. I got into contacts, so nix the new glasses bit.

However, I didn’t follow through with: 1.) Fixing the car, I sold it. 2.) Dancing more, I should do that. 3.) Getting into the Raspberry Pi, I guess I set that project aside. 4.) Hosting events, I haven’t taken the first step, there.

Addendum: The following bullets for next year’s goals:

  • I need to start thinking through what I want to say before letting slip the dogs of war.  (I’ve been saying, like, the first two words of a sentence then I ultimately dry up without finishing the thought aloud. This annoys Keith to no end… though he says he likes my quirks…)
  • Write more book reviews. I just read this one called Mating by Norman Rush, which sent me into a tizzy… probably need to do something educational to get that one out of my system.
  • Help High Fashion Wigs promote. They’re about to release their first, official EP and I want to get them on Radio K, The Current, etc.
  • Learn Foster the People’s “Fire Escape” on guitar. It seems simple enough, I just need to work on wrapping my mind around quick chord changes that sound seamless, when in fact they’re actually quite skillfully executed by the singer/songwriter aforementioned. (I was thinking of replacing “Los Angeles” with “Port St. Lucie”–at least that’s how I sing it to myself…)

If you don’t know who these guys are, here’s the full first album that got me hooked on ’em. Aww, memories. Reminds me of blowing money quick at I-Bar in Orlando, this place where you can request songs, then they play the videos up on the walls, and you can drink, dance, and smoke inside. Pssh… Good times. 

  • Focus on Fancy Clam. Try to acquire more clients (We have 3 active, as of this post) and schedule different days to work on each one (until the time comes when I can quit my full-time job and work on schedule different hours for different clients).
  • Learn electronics, so I can help Keith make guitar pedals.
  • Work on my Spanish. I’ve been dabbling, experimenting with speaking Spanish to Spanish-speakers at work, but I need to be more brave and just let it out, instead of doubting myself as to whether I sound like a complete dolt or not.
  • Be more present
  • Stop being so self-disparaging
  • OH! I almost forgot. We need to sell our shit. Come July, 2018, we’re going to be living in a campervan, so I want to spend 2017 getting rid of (or safely depositing into the gracious hands of close friends) my books, CDs, art, et cetera.
Bam, bitches! Thanks, Steve, for donating this awesome gift to us. We’ll fix ‘er up and take good care of her.

I think that about covers it. Now, I’ll need to clean up this blog if I am going to keep it all cozy and homey.

Sayonara and see ya new year!


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