múm performs live soundtrack to silent films

After releasing six albums, Icelandic band múm is now playing live music to Billy Wilder’s Menschen am Sonntag in theatres around the globe.

Menschen am Sonntag is a silent film from 1930 about everyday people relaxing on the shores of Nikolasse beach. Drama ensues when two couples develop mixed feelings for the other’s partners.

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Menschen am Sonntag shows another side of life in the 30s, that confusing period between the Golden 20s and the beginning of WWII and múm is revitalizing this avante-garde art film from a decade long forgotten.

Múm brings a new perspective to the film, blending sound effects from mundane objects with otherworldly overtones and discordant notes to flesh out the emotion left unattained when the original film came out.

Listen to múm’s album Finally We Are No One and you will feel like you’re no longer a person. This album lifts your soul from your body and sends it wandering through an imaginary forest to discover intimations of the fountain of youth.

This is, by far, the best album I have listened to in a long time. And I’m confident, without a doubt, that no one could achieve the feat of setting the scene for Menschen am Sonntag, save for the magical minds behind the band múm.


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