Les Discrets release new album: ‘Prédateurs’

From their Bandcamp:

” ‘Prédateurs’ is a record for late evenings, night driving, journeys on a train, or for those moments we usually think about the meaning of life and things, when we have nothing else to do but sitting and waiting. Its main themes are time, nature and life.” ~  Fursy Teyssier, illustrator, lead guitar, bass, and vocals for Les Discrets

les discretsPrédateurs is a departure from their last album, in that they’re incorporating new instruments into their repertoire, including a synth on the second track, “Virée Nocturne”, lending a sense of urgency to the otherwise slow-building crescendo encouraged by rolling snare kicks and a hint of hip hop à la Portishead’s “Only You”. 

I won’t strangle you with my opinions of each and every song, so go and listen to it yourself. The digital version is only $6.99, so you should probably buy it and play it at your next book/tea party.

Oh, side note: I learned today that Fursy is also in Alcest, and that band is amazing, so it’s no wonder the soundscape of Les Discrets is so delicately wound, like a French short film played backwards where the cat ends up winding a tight-knit ball out of previously destroyed yarn. 



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