Kids at heart: Father & daughter team up to create children’s book

“What you resist persists.”
~ Carl Jung

Don’t we all wish we could be like Peter Pan and never, never grow up? It looks as though John and Alex Pepe will be the first father and daughter team to achieve this goal.

They’re book, titled “Monsters Can’t Lie” is scheduled for product in about a month, said John. And they’ve only been working on the project for the last few months. That’s a pretty quick turnaround for a fully illustrated, 24-page picture book.

So, where did this dream come from and what inspired this bond which encouraged them to see it through to fruition?

“We essentially grew up together,” said John. “I was 22 when she was born, so we listened to the same music (anything from Beethoven to Metallica to Eminem) watched the same movies (we love Star Wars) and shared the same awesome tribe wherever we called home. We taught each other the art of authenticity, and there is no subject that was, or could ever be too taboo for us to explore.”

Through their mission to share their ideals of life and love throughout the community, independent sales rep and community oracle John and multimedia artist Alex plan to use the central story in “Monsters Can’t Lie” to encourage readers to be good to themselves. On the basic instinct toward self love, intuition, and mindfulness.

“Facing, embracing, and erasing your fears not by positive focus, but rather having the courage to allow your emotions to flow, and learning to sit with them to discover the root trauma. Only then can the healing truly begin,” John said.

Preliminary sketches for the front and back covers of “Monsters Can’t Lie” by father/daughter team John & Alex Pepe

After they shop their first book around to local retailers and spread the good word to the four corners of the US, via Amazon, they plan on producing additional books to further the development of the series. Also in the works, is a story called “1000 Kisses A Day” (THIS IS TOP SECRET INFORMATION, so shhhh!!), which fleshes out a poem John wrote for Alex when she was 3 or 4 years-old.

Rarely do we see a father/daughter combo collaborate on fictional works. Husband/wife teams, sure. Friends in college looking for a way to lighten the load, collaborate, to be sure. But how can two people share the same vision, when they’re a generation apart? 

“Monsters Can’t Lie” will be Alex and John’s first book, once their GoFundMe reaches its goal. And the pair’s not stopping, there. They promise to produce more books, graphic novels, and toys to accompany their storylines, too, once they get the ball rolling.

Until then, you can find them going on adventures in the woods, in search for the perfect staff and wand combination.

Show your support for “Monsters Can’t Lie” on the official GoFundMe page.



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