its not a break

its not a break – this is the only way ive ever looked at you – those are nail marks i can tell you – stay right there – face the car – i just wanna love you – maybe i scratched myself – maybe in the shower with a lot of stuff – i swear i believe this is my husband – i wasnt there – you cannot touch one another – spread your feet – obviously because all your scratches – i get here and you were right back – watch your hair – i get scared – are you kidding me –

did you happen to see the stop sign –

you guys are moving around a whole lot – whose care is this – control one charlie they drove off – we were able to punch some holes in the story – definitely wasnt anything normal –

he begged us to shoot him –

luckily we were able to save him – i didnt think nobody knew – yeah that tazer it sucks man – because of the amount of blood we had to act quickly to save the man from killing himself


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