IndieGogo launched for Arthur Radebaugh documentary

From the creator of ‘The Perfect 46′, ‘Closer Than We Think’ shows life behind the scenes of sci-fi illustrator Arthur Radebaugh.

Arthur Radebaugh is the pioneer of sci-fi illustration art. You may not know him by name, but you know his work.

“The technique has already been used successfully in reducing hormone flow from the pituitary, in relieving depressed mental states by ‘cutting’ brain segments, and in treating certain cases of cancer.”

Closer Than We Think is an illustrated series featured in newspapers back in the late ’50s, early 60s. If you were around during this time, you likely either studied these drawings religiously, sinking eye teeth into every intimate detail, or you scanned the page and took in the ideas represented therein subliminally.

There’s no doubt about it, sci-fi is always in the back of our minds.

“When’s the next Apple watch coming out?” 

“Why can’t I take a shower in my car that drives itself while I’m on the way to work? It’s 2016 for Heaven sakes.” 

Where is our technology running off to in such a hurry? Radebaugh’s highly accurate, tongue-in-cheek prognostications are coming to a theater near you, spurred on by director/producer of The Perfect 46, Brett Ryan Bonowicz.

Closer Than We Think is schedule for debut in June 2017. Help the team stay on track of their goal via their IndieGogo page and your name will appear in the credits! It’s a win-win in my book.

“… you will be able to preserve both picture and sound on tape for replaying at any time.”



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