I’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way

So, we’re all hesitant to recognize the fact that we’re getting older… I’m at least 75% OK with it. For the most part, I want to get old. To be wizened, to be a grandma, to be that old lady who sips tea spiked with rum while reading in one chair as my husband of 50 years sits in his favorite comfy chair, likely reading as well.

But there’s one thing that doesn’t jive with me: Sensitivity.

Now, I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty sensitive person…

I’m sensitive / And I’d like to stay that way..

I’ve always been empathetic. Sensitive to temperature changes. These sorts of things I’m used to, but I don’t remember crying during every sad film I watched, or getting super jittery and ADD as I imbibe the least little bit of coffee, even as few as 5 years ago.

I guess there are just things we recognize in ourselves as we get older. Maybe, when we were kids, we were so busy just living that we didn’t pay too much attention to the How of it.

I think it’s important to take the time and listen to your body, listen to your heart, now that we’re getting older, just to get to know who we are as people. To watch as we change, perhaps record our findings, come to terms with it, and just learn to love ourselves for our little idiosyncrasies.

Our biological beans are constantly rearranging, so why not our minds, too? And better yet, our feelings?

Maybe I’m just in rush-rush mode, maybe I had too much coffee (actually, very little, and it affects me so nowadays!) but this song has been in my head for like the last 30 minutes and it’s helping me sort through this mental mess. 


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