High Fidelity: A Charity Art Show Featuring Greta Claire

Local artists, Greta Claire and Ryan James Ryoe are hosting a musical art showing called High Fidelity, during the annual Do the Dow event takes place on Nov. 11, starting at 6 p.m.

Greta and Ryan’s High Fidelity event showcases their art for sale. Half of the proceeds go to the Urban Arts Academy, an organization that encourages children to engage in the tactile liberation of creating art.

Art enthusiasts can run amok through the halls of the building, where they can talk to local artists, enjoy libations provided by New Belgium Brewery, and donate to a most singularly important cause: giving children the opportunity to explore art in its many splendid forms.

Greta Claire gazing up at her painting, “Atosennim”

Starting young, Greta was taught that painting was a controlled art form.

“I always attempted painting in the more literal sense and since I’m such a perfectionist I was never satisfied with my results… Therefore, painting left me awful grumpy!” she said.

“Bill Nye <3 <3 <3” by Greta Claire

In the last few years, music has inspired her to let go of those constraints and let her mind run wild.

“Music! There has got to be music (unless a migraine is involved),” she said. She is also an ardent list maker, making the most the personality traits that push her to find some semblance of organization in this topsy turvy world of ours. Sometimes she works on 5-10 pieces at a time, so keeping lists is her way of keeping track.

“Otherwise I generally just stand there and stare at paint and canvases – no plans are ever really in place. I’m always painting on the whim.”

Now, she enjoys painting so much, she rents a space with her boyfriend, Ryan, at the Dow Building to make as much of a mess as she pleases. And the results are incredible.


Her canvases are vibrant with chunky acrylic textures that practically beg you to run your fingers over them.

“I Grow Fake Plants” by Greta Claire

Greta has been hosting art events for the past couple of years, and this time around, she thought, “Why not help raise awareness/funds for someone else that would put it to good use?”

So, naturally she chose the Urban Arts Academy. The UAA is a nonprofit that offers arts education programs to children and families in Minneapolis through preschool, after school, and summer arts programs.

Join Greta, Ryan, and a couple thousand other art lovers, Friday, Nov. 11 for a show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Seriously, it’s unlikely you’ve seen all of the art currently being created by local artists out of the Dow Building in St. Paul.

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