Greta Gerwig wrote and directed a movie and it looks amazing

Lady Bird is shaping up to a tearjerker, for me at least. The mother-daughter relationship expectorated from Greta Gerwig’s own experience as a teenage girl is almost 100 percent relative to my own relationship with my mother. We were like friends; comfortable enough to talk about sex, but sometimes it ended in a shouting match, then we’d get along swimmingly again after that.

This isn’t the first film the Frances Ha star has written and directed. She also directed Nights and Weekends and co-wrote the script for Frances Ha, among other films. This lady knows what she’s doing and she picked a great actress in Saoirse Ronan (Hannah, How I Live Now, The Grand Budapest Hotel) to fill her shoes, too.

Lady Bird hits theaters Nov. 10, 2017.

Here’s a clip from Frances Ha, just so you can get an inkling of an understanding of just how awesome Greta Gerwig is.

Bonus: Something I’m not looking forward to… A Wrinkle in Time

The hate-filled logic >> Oprah. Really? The made-for-TV version was spot on and there’s no way in hell this version is going to make a dent in the lives and minds of inquiring children everywhere, especially if they haven’t read Madeleine L’Engle’s books first. I was completely taken with the books, back in middle school. They were the perfect escape, a retreat back to childhood, filled with a sense of existential dread, women who transform into pegasuses, and a vision of a form-fitting rock that I could rest my world-weary body upon whilst drifting up into the stars. Needless to say, no and no. No thank you. Go read the books if you’re interested. Do not waste your precious $12.63 on this over-produced sham.

That is all. Good day!

Lady Bird.


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