give pisswater a chance

Fine – watermelon as soon as its summer – noticed the first at dannekers – some pidgin off brand in a white and yellow carrier – stamped with dates of expiration you best not inspect – small chuckle throat caught and suspended till you turn around and see another – this time a major suppliers thrust of fruit flavored beer – cant be anything but disgusting – can it – wheel i bought it and brought it home as a gift of soon to be shared experience for and with the wife – cap cracked and the tasting immediate – the first sip supped its sensed as just a weightless water with hints of generic fruit flavor or at least the impression of – maybe was more the scent of melon that gave it – seemed to be a mostly taste free sugar drink sporting alcohol as a built in chaser – pandering to whom is all i can wonder – who asked for this – and why would any reputable dealer bow to such a request – why wouldnt you just leave it to the vodka chemists to lure in collegiate dorm room darlings – the idea of a need being fulfilled – the concept of a market open and waiting for your breakthrough – none of these bases were covered or considered – and now today a third marathoner i see on the top shelf with its entry boxed in red and green cardboard – that portion of the shelf being of course a good thirty percent fuller than any other – there is no need for this – any who might be unfortunate or out of mind enough to ask for it would  surely be cured at their first taste – please stop – youre giving pisswater a strong case


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