CoSchedule is revolutionizing the way we DO social media

CoSchedule’s official logo. Isn’t it swell?

As an active participant in the social media community, I live largely online. When you peer over my shoulder at work, you’ll see I have dual monitors set up with Google Chrome on both screens, with four or five tabs open on each. The left screen I keep mostly for static content; for example, my work email and Spotify’s web player hangs out to the left of me. The right screen, then, acts as the more fluid compartment for my brain. Here is where I work with Photoshop, Premiere at times, and I keep Robohead, Facebook and Twitter open for work–you never know when someone will PM you with a question about a product.

The online world is constantly changing, and if you’re involved in social media in any capactiy, whether you get paid to do it for a company or you’re a casual blogger yourself, you want to try out the latest trends in the industry.

In the last year since I accepted the position at KING, as Communications & Social Media Specialist, I’ve tried tons of web apps for maintaining all of KING’s accounts. Most of them will let you play around with a 14-day trial, then they shut off the important back-end stuff like analytics, conversions, referrals tracking, etc. So, before I found CoSchedule, I was opening up Twitter in its own tab, scheduling stuff through Buffer, and maybe even using TweetDeck once in a while to scroll through multiple feeds at once. Facebook is the same, they include all the demographic information and peak times integrated right into the website, but still you must go through and schedule posts. It can be kind of hectic, making me a little manic at times when I realize I forgot to post one day. The world is going to end, oh no!

This is where CoSchedule saves the day. When you install the CoSchedule WordPress plugin, you can create your blog posts just as normal as can be, but on the bottom of the post (where all your SEO stuff is, if you’ve got Jetpack installed) you’ll see a scheduling tool that allows you to push out your new blog post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, AND Tumblr. How neat is that? Now, you can write a post when the mood strikes, then schedule it for a Wednesday, say, instead of rushing around trying to post something once you realize you’ve been caught up with other high-priority projects. On KING’s blog, I’m working on posting once a week, on Wednesdays actually, just so we can keep the ball rolling, keep more original content flowing through the pipeline.

I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

I can honestly say I’m thankful to the brilliant CoSchedule developers who have simplified at least 50 percent of my job on a weekly basis.

It all started a year of so ago, when I discovered the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, which I use for every single blog post. Sometimes I ignore the score and go with my gut, but I tend to veer toward the more trustworthy way of working the system. Now that the headline analyzer is included in the Editorial Calendar, I can do everything I need to do content-wise all in the same tab. (Well, aside from the aforementioned sites, with a couple more tabs open for research, photos, facts, and the like.)

My calendar’s looking a little sparse at present, but hey. I’m just getting warmed up!

Before that, I was working with an Excel spreadsheet with columns that held my source links, and rows of ideas for posts. This is in no way efficient, whatsoever. Obviously, Excel doesn’t communicate with the net in any way, so you can’t publish your findings online until you’ve opened up the browser and done all the work all over again. Or you can cut & paste, cut & paste, until your fingers turn blue. It’s up to you, but I don’t recommend this foray into technological barbarism. I did it. It’s awful.

So, if you find yourself lost in a sea of shifting bits of digital information and you’re looking for a life raft, CoSchedule’s the buoy who can help you organize your brain space and compartmentalize your blog to share it in the appropriate places at the appropriate times. It’s quite shiny, I assure you.

Here’s a video of how it all works, so take a gander.

Want to try it yourself? Check out CoSchedule‘s website and get started today.


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  1. Hi Shannon!

    Thanks for the awesome review. I am really glad to hear that CoSchedule is working out so well for you. That is awesome to hear!

    Happy CoScheduling!


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